October 13, 2015

2007 Microsoft Word Track Changes Instructions

Step 1:
To track changes in Word 2007, first open your document using Microsoft Word; click on the Review tab, highlighted in red in the example below.

Word 2007 Track Changes Example

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Step 2:
In this screenshot the Track Changes icon is illuminated, as circled in red. You will need to disable this feature before you continue. If you do not turn this feature off, all of the revisions that you make on your document will be tracked to the right-hand side of the document.

Turn off Track Changes

Step 3:
Once the Track Changes feature has been disabled, you can use the Accept, Previous, Next, or Reject buttons to toggle from one correction to another.

Accept and Reject Buttons

Step 4:
Click Next, circled in red, to move to the first proposed correction.

Click Next to Move to the First Correction

Step 4a:
Notice that the phrase “than do other, similar securities” is being reviewed. Clicking Accept will automatically move you to the next proposed correction.

Clicking "Accept" Will Move You To The Next Correction

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Step 5:
Click Accept to insert the proposed change into your document.

Click "Accept" to Insert the Proposed Change

Step 5a:
The following screenshot shows that the phrase that is circled in red has been seamlessly added to the document.

The Change is Added to the Document

To Accept All Changes in Document without reviewing the proposed changes, click the drop-down arrow below Accept: Accept Drop Down. Clicking on Accept All will cause Word to accept all proposed changes. You will still need to remove the editor comments individually.

Accept All Proposed Changes

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